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Are you an ethnic freak???  Here are few tips to keep your outfits organized!



1.      Separating dupattas from suits 

Dupattas  bring completeness to outfits .They add essence to ethnicity.

Always hang them conveniently to hanger by separating from the respective suit, utilizing the vertical space in the wardrobe. It provides easy visibility and accessibility to your collection keeping them crease free. 

Variate the plain dupattas from that of others which have heavy work embedded on them.


2.    Choose one category at a time

Starting with the latest collection of outfits to the old collections separately pile them. 

Categorize your ethnic outfits as per how grand they are.

Never place the heavy worked dresses on each other, which may cause damage to the fabric.



3.     Arranging likes together

The best way to organize your closet of ethnic dresses is to arrange all the likes together.

Placing like colors together can avoid confusions and make you easily decide which outfit to wear specially during theme parties



4.    Welcome your wardrobe with many more

You must be ruthless. These are just clothes, not memories. You get to keep your memories even after the thing is gone; that's how memories work.

Of course, certain important items are exempt from exclusion, i.e. wedding dress, etc. Wrap them with acid free paper.

When free, groom up your wardrobe so as to make space for the new outfits.



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